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To build long term partnerships with our clients by providing them with innovative products and services that adds value to their operations. 

Mobile Application Development 

Catch the moving Customer

We help you move your business from the office into the palms of your clients via Mobile Apps. Acquiring our expertise will ensure realtime time interactivity and instant communications.
Core focus areas include:
1) Interactivity
2) Notifications
3) Visibility
4) Communications

Website Development+ Hosting, Email Hosting

Set your online imprint

We give your business unlimited internet exposure, offering fast bandwidth and unlimited data access speeds. Our clients benefit from high Google Search ratings. We continuosly upgrade our servers and provide one of the best cloud hosting services.

We have a network of servers in over 3 different continents, to ensure reliability.

Desktop Application Development

Limitless Potential

Microlinks also develops and implement core desktop application systems to take advantage of system specific functionalities that the Web cannot provide and as per client needs.
Desktop Systems already developed include:
1) Point Of Sale
2) Inventory Management System

ICT Consultancy

Get the right advice!

With the various ICT skills, knowledge and experience. Microlinks offers high value ICT consultancy services


 .Peace Of Mind


For Individual
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  • 1 GB storage
  • Private Email 5
  • Unlimited bandwidth


Newly Established Businesses
N$ 200/mo.
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  • 5 GB storage
  •  Private Email 10
  • Unlimited bandwidth


Operatinal Businesses
N$ 300/mo.
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  • 10 GB storage
  • Private Email 20
  • Unlimited bandwidth


High Scale Operations
N$ 400/mo.
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  •  GB Storage Unlimited
  • Email Unlimited
  • Unlimited bandwidth


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